Our Team

Al Karimi

President and CEO

Doug Plympton

Vice President of
Business Development

Ramin Farko

Chief Technology Officer


In 2001, when our IT service company began to grow beyond a two-man operation, we started to see (and feel) the need for implementing an application that could efficiently manage our IT services business. We realized that our growth would be capped unless we began to automate and streamline our operations.

We searched the market, and downloaded and tested several IT service desk and ticketing software products which sounded like they would meet our needs. We also sat through long demonstrations of very expensive and complicated enterprise-level ticketing software and IT service desk  applications.

After all the effort, we still had not found a product that met our functional requirements. We were looking for an easy-to-use, affordable ticketing software that enabled our clients, engineers, management, accounting, sales and administration staff to process a service from the time it was requested, all the way to the time that it was completed and invoiced.

We decided that our only option was to design and build our own IT ticketing software application. This concept very quickly turned into a big project for the company.

In order to comply with software design principals, protocols and standards, we had to separate the process from our daily IT service activities and form a new entity which strictly focused on the development of this new IT service desk product.

… and that is the story of how Karisoft was born and our mission statement was defined:

“To develop a simple, user-friendly, intuitive, complete and affordable ticketing software aiding small to mid-size IT service businesses to operate, monitor, control their IT service desk and grow their business. This product should act as the focal business application of an IT service operation and should seamlessly integrate with the company’s current business and productivity applications.”

Along the way, we worked closely with our IT company’s staff and management, listening closely to their requests, expectations, guidelines and feedback, in order to develop an IT service desk application which is a perfect fit for small to mid-sized IT services businesses. The ticketing software we created is not too big and complicated as to overwhelm its users (and become a burden to the company’s operation) and not too simple and primitive that it can’t do the job. We designed and re-designed many features to ensure that our IT service desk product complies with the fundamental principals of our mission statement.

We are now very proud to present IT Pro Dashboard™ to our colleagues and friends in the IT business. We understand that while more than 95% of your daily operations are similar, there are some procedures and workflows in your organization that are unique. We will continue to listen to comments, suggestions and requests, (add new features and enhancements to our ticketing software product), while maintaining IT Pro Dashboard’s simplicity and user-friendly qualities that make it more helpful and powerful for IT professionals.

Very soon (with your help and support), we will meet our goal for IT Pro Dashboard to become the “Industry Standard” business management solution for our IT community.