IT Pro Dashboard has been designed to help you efficiently manage your IT business.

Our goal is to facilitate a simpler and more streamlined IT services operation workflow so you can convert non-productive time of your technical staff to billable hours and decrease management, administrative and accounting overheads.

Changing your business’ workflow may seem like a challenge, but not with IT Pro Dashboard.If you don’t use Professional Services Automation (PSA) software, or even if you do but you’re not very happy with it, try IT Pro Dashboard.

You might say:

  • Introducing a new application is time consuming and we can’t afford the time or the interruption to our business.
  • Our staff is comfortable with the way we work and may resist changes.
  • It adds another cost to my business

You may have more to add, but the above four objections are on the top of most IT business owners’ list.


IT Pro Dashboard is different because:

  • You can instantly download and install it on your PC, view a 6 minute “Quick Start” video and start using the application. If you’d like to integrate with QuickBooks and Exchange, we can do it in less than one hour, while sharing screens. You also can view about twenty short training videos to become fully familiar with all the features and functionalities of IT Pro Dashboard and become a pro user in no time.
  • Your staff must see it to believe it. IT pro Dashboard is designed for them. It simplifies their daily operation, organizes their tasks, enables them to report their time and work on line or via their PDA, create their own tickets and process them and a lot more. Increased organization and saved time are the two most significant values that IT Pro Dashboard will offer them.
  • IT Pro Dashboard is not a cost; it’s a profit center. How much of your service time goes forgotten, not reported and not billed because you don’t use a PSA tool. For a company of four billable engineers, if each underreports by only 15 minutes per day, at the rate of $100/hr, your company losses about $2,000 per month or $25k annually from your bottom line.; And that’s not all. Saving time due to better organization, eliminating double data entry into your QuickBooks, and more importantly meeting your SLA and client satisfaction goals are some of the other benefits of IT Pro Dashboard.
  • You don’t know how much you need it unless you try IT Pro Dashboard. As I mentioned earlier, it takes very little time to download, integrate and get started. This is one of your time investments on your company that will prove to have the highest ROI ever!