see how you can improve your efficiency and bottom line results

ROI Calculator

To calculate your Return On Investment from IT Pro Dashboard™, fill in the following information about your company and see how you can improve your efficiency and bottom line results. The calculator will tell you how much money you can expect to save a month using this total management application from Karisoft.

Current numbers offer a look at industry averages. Replace numbers with specific company data to calculate your unique ROI.

Increase in engineer’s accuracy & efficiency due to real-time time tracking and data entry

Number of billable engineers in the company
Improvement in attendance and time tracking
Capturing un-accounted services provided
Increase in client service requests
Average hourly service rate

Savings in administrative over head expenses

Reduction in administrative overhead
(at estimated $35/hr rate)

Other valuable business benefits

Increase in retention based on client satisfaction
Increased sales conversion rate in business
Reduction in cost of money due to the cash flow
Projected Monthly ROI

The default numbers are based on the typical IT company.