Our Team

Al Karimi

President and CEO

Doug Plympton

Vice President of
Business Development

Ramin Farko

Chief Technology Officer

Ramin Farko is a Software Engineer/Architect with more than 18 years of experience in the computer industry. Ramin has worked on design and building micro processor control boards to teaching software engineering courses in college, and all levels of software engineering and architecture.

Prior to joining Karisoft, Ramin was chief architect at Adesso Systems where he designed and implemented a high performance, highly scalable distributed system to synchronize data and files online and offline. Ramin joined Karisoft in 2003 where he redesigned and implemented software based on the latest innovations and standards in software engineering, which is now known as IT Pro Dashboard™.

Ramin earned his BS degree in Software Engineering in Iran and his Masters in Information Technology and Software Engineering from Harvard University.


In 2001, when our IT service company began to grow beyond a two-man operation, we started to see (and feel) the need for implementing an application that could efficiently manage our IT services business. We realized that our growth would be capped unless we began to automate and streamline our operations.

We searched the market, and downloaded and tested several products which sounded like they would meet our needs. We also sat through long demonstrations of very expensive and complicated enterprise-level ticketing and service management applications.