IT Pro Dashboard (PSA Software) Reviews

“I was using IT Pro Dashboard in my first company. In 2012 I sold the company to a group of investors and came to work for them as a Consultant and General Manager. We have been “trying” to get ConnectWise going since then and I am finally to the point that I don’t want to work on it anymore. It is way too time consuming and complex for our business. While I think it is a good product I cannot justify hiring a ConnectWise Admin, not to mention my consultants don’t use it correctly because it is too time consuming and complex. I am back!

John Thompson General Manager Willow Bay Computer Solutions – Jamestown, NY

Visualize IT has been using IT Pro for about 6 months and it has really changed the way we do business. We tried and tested numerous products and ended up using 2 or 3 applications to do the job that IT Pro does. It preforms its function in the business as well as allowing management to monitor what is happening at all times from anywhere in the world. A real game changer!
Rob Vorster Director Visualize IT – Cape Town – South Africa

For nearly two years we used one of the leading PSA products in the market. However, after growing beyond its capacities and their inability to meet our requirements, we switched to IT Pro Dashboard (ITPD). Now, our whole staff enjoys the use of ITPD as our resource for in-the-field ticket-entry, contract management and effective billing integration with QuickBooks.
We have eliminated 20+ hours of manual manipulation imposed by the other product in recurring contracts that have dynamic quantities and bundling — now we have a solution that meets our every need. And as our needs evolve, the Karisoft staff helps evolve our system.

Additional impressive features that ITPD provided that hurried our switch of systems was:

  1. quick-ticket entry — to allow for 1-minute time-entries from a single pop-up screen
  2. quick-parts entry — to provide for a method to bill parts where there is no time component
  3. quick-service entry — to provide a billing method for one-time flat-rate service entries
  4. Quickbooks job and time-cost integration for more flexible billing
  5. both a browser-based system and one with an application for faster entry, searching and usage

We evaluated other PSA applications in the market and even considered developing our own. Finally we selected Karisoft.

Karisoft’s willingness to listen and work with us to make necessary customization for our needs was key to our final decision. We appreciated their push back and ideas during the customization process (which was at no charge to us). The support of the product around OUR business workflow sealed the deal! Karisoft’s hosted model comes with an installable web-based thin client interface, a browser based client portal and PDA interface and bi-directional link to QuickBooks. This provided us with an integrated platform which satisfied all our business needs.

If you’re looking for a business service automation tool, realize that either you will need to fit into someone else’s business mindset, or have someone fit into yours. With ITPD we turned nearly 25 hours of preparing our monthly invoicing into 3 hours, and have been able to remove the processes that duplicated much of our administrative work. We highly recommend IT Pro Dashboard.”
Jack Taugher VP / Owner AIR Technology Services – Waukesha, WI

For accounting and bookkeeping purposes IT Pro Dashboard® has cut my data entry work load by 30-40%. Because the techs enter their tickets and I can simply review and invoice , IT PRO DASHBOARD saves me from having to spend time on data entry. This involves over 300 tickets/month. We intend to move our road tech operations into IT Pro Dashboard as well. We’ve found Karisoft to be very responsive to our needs, so we are hopeful that this will also work easily.

Installation and setup was quick and easy. We were able to get up and running quickly once we made the decision; and begin using it in a very short time. We found Karisoft’s willingness to accommodate our needs a compelling factor in making this decision. We presented somewhat different needs from Karisoft’s other clients, but they’ve been very open and willing to give us whatever we need.

I would recommend IT Pro Dashboard for its simplicity, especially if the need is to streamline billing -IT Pro Dashboard can do that easily for a reasonable price. IT Pro Dashboard has been a quick fix, but not just a bandaid. It clearly comes with other uses for many other aspects of our business and not just accounting.
Fran Dillon Office Manager – The Right Click – South Kingstown, RI

IT PRO has helped us manage our time more efficiently. We can open, update and close tickets while we’re out in the field, rather than having to wait until we get back to the office. I can even manage my activity from home, because I was able to install the thin client on my home system. We’ve also successfully transferred some of the administrative load to our customers using the client portal.

Learning IT PRO was very quick and we were able to use it right off the bat. We found the controls very straightforward and easy to use. I’ve also seen in training with our other engineers that I could show them once how to process a ticket and they would pick it up right away. The deployment process was painless and didn’t prevent me from doing my regular responsibilities.

Compared with our previous tools, I’m saving about two hours a day on administrative tasks which creates more time for me to spend serving our clients.


I would definitely recommend IT PRO over any other tool in the marketplace. Your support is outstanding. You’ve gotten back to us in a timely manner and have fixed every issue we’ve had.

Ruben Gerardo Sr. IT Engineer Laser Tech El Paso – Texas

Before adopting IT Pro Dashboard we used several different systems to handle our data. I realized that we needed to consolidate into a single application to manage our operations and unify information from these various sources. I decided to investigate our options thoroughly so we considered at least a dozen different IT services management tools. IT Pro Dashboard emerged as the clear choice.

IT Pro offers all of the basic elements that we needed to run our business and puts them together in a package that’s clean, trim and resource light. It enables our engineers to track their time and tasks simply and reliably. Our dispatchers can triage service requests quickly and then dispatch those tickets out to an appropriate engineer since they know with certainty each tech’s availability.

Further IT Pro also offers a number of other features that we use constantly. The mobile device module (known as IT Pro Mobile) is great because it’s platform independent, so it doesn’t matter what kind of phone my guys carry. It’s also simple to use and learn but gives them all the tools they need to manage and track their time while on the road. The asset management module is cleaner and trimmer than the rest, and we like that we can load the application easily onto as many systems as we need.


The biggest impact that using IT Pro has had on our business is the way it’s helped us manage our business more efficiently. By giving me access to real time data on where our people are IT Pro’s driven five hours a week back into our organization: time I can spend with clients or otherwise growing the business. Implementation and deployment were swift and easy and Karisoft’s support’s been terrific.

Ronald F. Ranc II – Owner ISD Inc. Oneonta, NY

Before IT Pro Dashboard we were using a tracking tool we’d developed in house on a legacy platform. It was old and we were rapidly outgrowing it so we looked for an alternative. IT Pro Dashboard offered us the right features on a platform engineered for the future and robust enough to grow with us. And we liked the seamless integration with our other business tools.

Karisoft’s hosted solution suited our operation well, in part because we see the future in the cloud and wanted a tool built that way from the beginning. We also wanted a web enabled tool to accommodate our virtual office.

Our first year with IT Pro Dashboard we arrived at our fiscal year end with a new bookkeeper working with a new accounting platform which made it a very rocky year. We had our year end statements ready to go out to clients about three weeks earlier than in any previous year. It’s been great for our cash flow.

Our implementation process was challenging because we were implementing our new accounting package at the same time, but Karisoft’s training and support made the implementation process smooth and seamless. We were able to continue working and billing time without any lost time. We look forward to growing with Karisoft and IT Pro Dashboard.

Sue Bishop TIC Business Consultants – Lawrence, MA